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Physics MCQs Test Preparation

Physics Online MCQs Preparation

1. Physics deals with the study of.

2. In order to check the correctness of an equation, We are to show that _________ of the quantites on _________ side/sides of the equation are _________.

3. Radian and Steradian are named as _________ units.

4. Which quantity has different dimension?

5. The System International (SI) is built up from _____ types of units.

6. Pascal is a unit of:

7. A dimension stands for the _____ nature of certain physical quantity.

8. The mechanics, which deals with the objects moving with velocities approaching that of light is called:

9. If A, v, t denote area of the pipe, velocity of the fluid and time, respectively, then Avt will represent:

10. System International (SI) of units was established in:

11. Astrophysics is a branch of physics, which deals with:

12. The study of physics involves:

13. Dimension of mass is written as:

14.The number of base units in SI are:

15. Particles have the mass smallest of following is :

16. The information from far side of the universe are gathered by:

17. Glycerin has viscosity ______ the viscosity of water

18. Drag force increases if speed of the object moving through the fluid:

19. Normally, the pressure of blood inside the walls is ______ the external atmospheric pressure.

20. A body passing through a viscous medium is affected by:

21. While deriving Bernoulli's equation, the law of conservation of ________becomes the base fact.

22. The direction of the velocity of fluid at certain point and direction of streamline are:

23. The irregular or unsteady flow of the fluid is called:

24. In a ______ flow, each particle of the fluid is called a streamline and different streamlines _______ cross each other.

25. Machine parts are jammed due to:

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