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Chemistry MCQs Test Preparation

Chemistry Online MCQs Preparation

1. Swedish chemist J. Berzelius determined:

2. A limiting reactants is one:

3. The number of subatomic particles in atoms so far discovered is more than:

4. Atoms and molecules can either gain or lose electrons, forming charged particles called:

5. The branch of chemistry which deals with quantitative relationship between reactants and products in a balanced chemical equation is called:

6. The reasons for less experimental yield than theoretical yield are reversible reaction, side reaction and:

7. Covalent compounds mostly exist in the form of:

8. The mass of one mole of iodine:

9. Determination of atomic masses and invention of system of writing symbols was made by:

10. An ion having negative charge is called:

11. Metals tends to lose electrons, becoming:

12. The calculations based on stoichiometry are known as:

13. Atoms can be evident by the use of electron microscope. field ionization microscope and:

14. Non-metals tend to gain electrons, becoming:

15. First atomic theory was put forward by an English school teacher:

16. Gases deviate from ideal behavior because molecules:

17. The basic distinction between solids, liquids and gases lies in difference between:

18. Which of the following assumptions is not belonging in kinetic molecular theory of gases?

19. Which of the following is the simplest form of matter?

20. At same temperature, the kinetic energy of one mole of each H₂ and O₂ separately by:

21. All gases can be compressed by:

22. Plasma consists of:

23. The movement of gas molecules from a region of high pressure to vacuum is called:

24. Gases exert pressure on walls of container because the gas molecules:

25. According to kinetic molecular theory of gases, molecules increase in the kinetic energy when they are:

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