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Starting with A

Short Form Full Form
AC Air Conditioned / Alternating Current
AD Air Defence
ADB Asian Development Bank
ATX Advanced Technology Extended
AIM Ambition in Mind

Starting with B

Short Form Full Form
BA Bachelor of Arts
BS Bachelor of Science
BIOS Basic Input Output System

Starting with C

Short Form Full Form
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CPS Child Protective Services
CSI Crime Scene Investigation
CMO Cheif Marketing Officer
CFO Cheif Finance Officer
CEO Cheif Executive Officer
CNG Compressed Natural Gas
C.R Class Representator
CD Compact Disk
CPU Central Proessing Unit
CV Curriculum Vitae
CPC Cost Per Click
CPM Cost Per Thousand
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
CTA Call To Action
CTR Click Through Rate

Starting with D

Short Form Full Form
DOB Date Of Birth
DIY Do It Yourself
DBMS Database Management System
DPI Dots Per Inch
Diploma of Associate Engineering

Starting with E

Short Form Full Form
ETC. et cetera.
EAT Energy and Taste

Starting with F

Short Form Full Form
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FYI Four Your Information
FIR First Information Report

Starting with G

Short Form Full Form
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
GPS Global Positioning System
GIGO Gabbage In Gabbage Out
GUI Graphical User Interface
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications

Starting with H

Short Form Full Form
HR Human Resources
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HBD Happy Birth Day
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language

Starting with I

Short Form Full Form
IDM Internet Download Manager
IC Integrated Circuit
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity
ISP Internet Service Provider

Starting with J

Short orm Full Form

Starting with K

Short Form Full Form
KMDC Karachi Medical and Dental College

Starting with L

Short Form Full Form
LED Liquid Emitting Diode
LCD Liquid Crystal Display

Starting with M

Short Form Full Form
MBA Masters of Business Administration
MA Master of Arts
MPHIL Master of Philisophy
MBps Megabytes Per Second
MHz Mega Hertz
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group

Starting with N

Short Form Full Form
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Starting with O

Short Form Full Form
OTG On The Go

Starting with P

Short Form Full Form
POS Point of Service
PST Pacific Standard Time
PA Personal Assistant
PC Personal Computer
PSO Pakistan State Oil
PEN Power Enriched in Nib
PTV Pakistan Television
PPC Pay Per Click

Starting with Q

Short Form Full Form
QC Quality Control

Starting with R

Short Form Full Form
RIP Rest in Peace

Starting with S

Short Form Full Form
SCOTUS Supreme Court of the United States
SIM Subscriber Identity Module
SMS Short Message Service
SEO Search Engine Optimization

Starting with T

Short Form Full Form
TEA Teste and Energy Admitted

Starting with U

Short Form Full Form
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecom System
UNO United Nation Organization
UNICEF United Nation Internation Children Education Foundation
USB Universal Serial Bus
URL Universal Resource Locator

Starting with V

Short Form Full Form
VR Virtual Reality

Starting with W

Short Form Full Form
WIFI Wireless Fidelity
WCDMA Wide Band Code Division Multiple Access
WHO World Health Organization
WAN Wide Area Network
WWW World Wide Web

Starting with X

Short Form Full Form

Starting with Y

Short Form Full Form

Starting with Z

Short Form Full Form

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